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Tranquil Chambers
by patchy

these pages offer you ''fragments'' of Bio Feedback and/or what some call ... Imagery. 
prepared for you in some of the ways that patchy is familair with and uses and will try to share
with you thru this electronic medium.  the therapeutic benefits differ from person to person.
the benefits DO increase, the more often you practice it.  the most common benefits
are stress relief and relaxation.  some use the therapy to help focus away from chronic pain.
different combinations of images, sounds, music and/or words will be the tools used to guide
you to and thru your own Chambers.

    to maximize the benefit of your experience here,,,,, before you enter a Chamber .... prepare:

mute the television and telephone  ask others that you not be disturbed  close the door
use headphones if you have them ,, they help you focus  have lighting at a minimum
this is Your time,,,,,,, to relax, reflect,,,,,,, escape.

when you are sure you have provided yourself a quiet time, and are as comfortable as possible, then
click on a Title below to enter a Chamber,  be patient, the music and the scrolling page will begin
automatically .  stay with the images until the music ends and the page stops.

Last Day At The Beach Chamber
Last Day At The Beach is in 2 sections ...
A True Story and below that, an Exercise with Imagery,
both set to special music.
total time: approx 7 minutes
the approx imagery exercise as ABOVE ...
without the story..  using ONLY an ocean sounds mix.
total time: approx 6 minutes

it is my hope your experience here was beneficial to you...  that it made a difference.  the wonderful thing about
Imagery is ,,, the more you use it and practice it ,, the more quickly and easily you can benefit with or without actual images.

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i am not a bio feedback or Imagery expert or therapist ,, just someone who practices it. the content of this page is for individual therapeutic/entertainment purposes only. non profit page design, concept are ©1999-2003 patchwork creations  all rights reserved
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