i want to THANK these very special dapatchy.com patrons for their input and
for gifting me and all of YOU with the following:

patrons who have gifted patchy with Music files so she could share them with all of you!!
Esther ~ Joe ~ Harp ~ BG ~ Bump ~ Buddy ~ Nitro ~ John ~ Rose ~ secret ~ Woody ~ Chevy56 ~ Boomer ~ Steve ~ Lou ~ DJ
 ( if a file sent to me is used in a Juke, the file Tag will show the name of the contributor )

individuals who have sent/offered their  Graphics for patchy to play with and enhance Dedications n pages.
secret  ~ John ~ Cookie  ~ Whimsy ~ Boomer ~ Katydidit ~ Graphite ~ Esther ~ DJ
(i post the names of contributors i accepted images from and then used on the site)

those who have offered and given patchy valuable insights, memories and technical notes about Music and more.
Wingers ~ Bump ~ Lou ~ Nitro ~ John ~ Steve ~ DJ and ALL the regulars of the Msg Board & Chat Room

(if anyone has been left out, please Email !!)