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sometimes music and words can light the dark, lift the fog, part the clouds ...  bring a sunrise to the soul.
this Jukebox offers an eclectic group of music and messages, for, from and of the Spirit.   __ patchy

come on ...  let's listen closely to what they say.




March 17 2000 - this date, this Jukebox was created and Dedicated to my Mom.  most folks call her ''Candy''.   this
month she was told the cancer (originally, Endometrial Cancer) has returned with a swift moving vengeance.
nothing can be done except try to keep her as comfortable as possible for the time she has left.
she enjoys spiritual music, so in her Honor this Gospel Jukebox was created.
December 2000   click here to read my brief Journal of Candy's last months


Priscilla Unique Primrose
August 7 1991 -  December 17 2001
'' I lost the Warmth in my home, my Caregiver, my Companion, my loyal and best Friend,
Priscilla, to Bone Cancer.  She fought stoically for several  months and all the while
She kissed away my tears and talked to me with Her eyes.  She was 12 lbs. of pure
unconditional  love and astounding bravery.  For 10 yrs, 4 mo and 10 days She was my
Blessing, my daily Smile, my Comfort and saved my life twice.  I'm humbled and grateful to
have had Her sweet Spirit in my life.  I Thank God for the gift of Her Love and time She
spent with me.  Every single day I have to place in His Hands the awful, black, pain of
missing Her and the warm bright light She brought into my life. '' __patchy


 I do not take requests.  Any and All additions are decided on and made with my Mom in mind. Only if she would like them, will they be added. 
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thanks to, Buddy, Bump, Chancey, Crickets, Esther, Harpman and Rose for their contributions to Mom's Gospel Jukebox.
all Blind Boys of Alabama music is courtesy of Bumphers

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