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    Any Programs offered are ones I have used and/or continue to use... I accept no liability if YOUR  PC or it's programs get cranky with them..

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    'hard to find'  FREE Real Audio Players
    after install it may ask you to upgrade, you do not have to,

    PIRCH - RIGHT click File Link
    to Save to your computer
    PIRCH32 IRC chat program     1041 kb (.exe file)
    pIRCh is a 'stand alone' program.
    free use
    pIRCh PIL  -  ''LagMeter''   2 kb (.pil file)
    checks the Ping of a User.  actual ping results show in
    channel as a ''meter''
    (Download/Save into your pirch32 folder)
    free use
    RIGHT click image/Save to your computer
    8 images - download seperately



    MIDI Files (.mid) - RIGHT click File Link to
    Save to your computer
    MIDI  MIX #88  -  in a 33 kb ZIP file (.zip)
    Yesterday - Sweet Georgia Brown
    Key Largo - Mona Lisa
    -  Ace In The Hole
    Among My Souveniers - Impossible Dream

    WAV Clips (.wav) - LFT click to play, RGT click
    File Link to Save to your computer
     '' Welcome Back '' (patchy's voice)  - 12 kb
     '' I want to be alone ''  (Greta Garbo) '' - 19 kb
    ''You fwighten me, you made me little heart qwiver!  (Tweety) 61k
    '' here's looking at you kid '' Humphrey Bogart  20k
    '' tranquil windchimes and breezes ''  - 430 kb
    note: wav clips can be used for System Sound Files
    i.e. for Windows StartUp,  Windows  Exit, Recycle Bin,
    Error, Mail notification, etc.

    check out my Chatterbox page for more wav clips.

    in 2007 A complaint was sent to my WebHost .. 
    about  Real Audio music i offered for download
    on this page,,, and ONLY on this page.
    My web host
      shut down my site, without notice,
     until i removed
    them from this download page.
    I was informed i was in violation of terms of
    agreement to offer downloads of music
    Hopefully this ugliness will go no further.
    (as the Wolfman would say, 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy')
    Stranger On The Shore
    TRUE TYPE Font (.ttf) - RIGHT click File Link to     
    Save to your computer
    KELLY GOTHIC tt font in a zip file (.zip) 
    font sample: (author unknown)


    .  .... 
    (9 images - download seperately)

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