patchy's Doo Wop Drive-In Jukebox in Real Audio

when 'you' get LOST in DooWop ...  where are ya? classic car?  dancing? lights low? lovin' up,
makin' up, breakin' up?  thinkin' about a new love, lost love?  standing on a street corner putting
out some acappella?  where ever ..... go there, and let's get Lost in the 'goodness' of DooWop.



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= please put the speaker back before you leave .. over    speakers have been ripped off da poles since Aug '98 =


Memorial - Pirkle Lee Moses
of The Eldorados
Memorial - P Burnett & T Eldridge
of The Jarmels
Memorial - Ed Wells
of The Six Teens
Memorial - Bobby Young
of the Counts

i do not take requests for posting to any of the jukes, but i do enjoy hearing from those who visit here.   if you are unable to play the Jukes,,
i can only advise you that your Browser must have a real audio player or compatible player installed and be JavaScript Enabled.

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