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Laughter is a melody, a concert from the heart,  a tickling by the angels, creative living art.
no offense is intended to anyone in any way with ANY of these Chuckles. i believe in different strokes jokes for different folks.


Kids On The Subject of Love
A Woman's Random Thots
Women's Quotes
Estrogen Found In Beer
Itemized Payroll Deductions
E-Mail Oops
The Healing
Snow In Michigan
Something To Do Today
Only In America
If Kids Wrote Fortune Cookies
Advice To Your Daughters
The Rules Of Chocolate
Getting Older Quotes
Trial By Jury
God's E-Mail
How Careers End
Light Bulb Jokes
Tricky True Or False
 A Senior Moment
Children Give The Darndest Answers
Tommy's Worm Trick
 Top 10 Signs You Have PMS
Life Before The Computer
 Tech Support For An Upgrade


Murphy's Laws

You'll see a different Law each time you load this page.

Chuckle Tee-s
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Chuckle Tee-s
Sights To Behold
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Sights To Behold

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