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Angel Cameos

an eclectic gathering of Angel images as seen through
the eyes of Art n Artists.     feel & seek the spirit.

Angels fall  from  many  places  right  into  your  heart, Believe  you've  had  one  with  you  right  from  the  very  start.
She  keeps  you  company  when  you're  all  alone  at  night, She  stands  beside  you  and  holds  your  hand  when 
you are  in  fright.  She  sings  to  you  in  tones  so  sweet  when  you  yearn  for  sound ,
She  dries  your  tears with  gentle  touch  before  they  fall  to ground.

it is said  that  Angels are  drawn  to the
white light of candles.

"Keep a White Light burning" 

my  gaze  wanders  to  the  candle  i keep burning  day  &  night, i  remember  why  it  flickers  and  warms  me 
with  it's  light.  softly  i  begin  to  speak,  i  know  the  Angels  hear, as  words  begin  to  touch  the  air,  i   feel   them
drawing  near.  "Dear  Angels  be  the  Messengers  of  the  prayer  that's  in  my  heart, Guard  & Guide my 
loved  ones,  near  and  far  apart."
___ patchy

There is an Angel  watching  over  you  in  good  times,  trouble or  stress.
Wondrous wings wrapped round  about,  whispering,  are  loved  and  blessed.

Angel Cameos
Twinkle Star Rosie's Fragrance Shellie Listens The Miracle
Angel Stairway
Angelic Repose
Sweet Mischief
Token Angel
Night  Path
Angel of Grace
Earth's Angel
Gardening Angels
Angels of Renewal
Angel of Dreams
Guardian Angel
Nature's Grace
Angel Of Spring
Angel Of Summer
Angel Of  Autumn
Angel Of  Winter
Angel In Dancing Waters
Secret Source Of  A Garden Lake
Splashing Cherub

... when  in  your heart  you  feel  a  tug,  maybe it's  an  Angel  hug ..

 "..... Have  you  ever  danced  with  an  Angel,  Felt  the song  of  the Moon  sound  so  Bright?
Been  inspired  from  above  by  something  you  love, And  danced  joyful  in  Pale  Moonlight...
Flying  high  above  All  the  Confusion, You  will see the night  turn  to  Day,
And  realize  that  all  of  this  time  you've  been  lost, Waiting  to be  shown  the  way.
I may  have  been  blind  all  these  years  perhaps, Lost  on  This World without  having  a  Clue..
But  if  I  can  pull  down  the  walls  of  my  fear,  Maybe  I'll  dance  with  my  Angel, too.''
___ Da-Ra

when  you  ask  your Angels  for  help, let  them  decide  in which  way  it  will  manifest.

If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend,
that would be giving as the angels give.    __ George MacDonald


Like  everyone  else  I  feel   the  need  of  relations  and   friendship, of  affection  and  I  am  not  made of  stone 
or  iron,  so I cannot  miss  these  things  without  feeling,  as  does  any  other intelligent  man, a  void  and  deep  need.
I  tell  you  this  to  let  you  know how   much good  your  visit has done me.
-- v. van gogh


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