da patchy is not what patchy was.   da patchy is, as patchy does.

passions   of   patchy

in no particular order . . .
Music * Rain * Words * the Moon * Candles * Windchimes
Waterfalls n Fountains *  Pink Roses n White Roses
Gardens * White Wings * Angels * Spirituality * Vistas * Tranquility

'' Your soul is often a battlefield, upon which your reason and judgement war against passion and your
appetite.  Would that I could be the peacemaker in your soul, that I could turn the discord and the
rivalry of your elements into oneness and melody...''
 ''Reason ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to it's own
destruction.  Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion; that it may sing;  And
let it direct your passion with reason, that your passion may live through it's own daily resurrection
and like the phoenix rise above it's own ashes...''
''... rest in reason and move in passion ...''
__excerpts from Reason And Passion - The Prophet by kahlil gibran

Welcome ..  all through my domain you will see, hear and discover many things that i have passion for.
( but not everything )
as you browse this domain, i sincerely hope you get a sense that i am here with you.   a part of
me is embedded in everything you will see and hear.   together, we can sing, dance, laugh, ponder,
seek, learn, cry, remember and touch*

Angel Cameos - eclectic gathering - presented in a special way
Angel Cameos
Eclectic collection of Links
Chuckles - get and send a grin
ChatterBox - .wav files for chat room and system sounds
Chatter Box
patchy ... She Wrote - poems by patchy, friends and others - plus The Prophet
patchy ... She Wrote
watch this space
for something
new .... maybe
Heart n Hands - help for you and for others, info and links
Heart n Hands

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Touch* Someone - music pages in real audio - listen and send to a friend
Touch* Someone
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Center Stage .. listen to featured Artists in Real Audio
Center Stage
discover or  re-discover
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Old Time Radio Program  in real audio
Old Radio Room
On The Air: Joe Friday in
Dragnet's 'The Big Hate'

Tranquil Chambers - Imagery with Real Audio
Tranquil Chambers
relax, escape, imagine,
using music &  imagery
Blues In My Eye Juke Joint - streaming Real Audio Jukes
Blues In My Eye
Juke Joint
patchy's Lost In The Fifties JukeBoxes and DooWop Drive-In Speakers - real audio
Lost  In The 50s Oldies
and DooWop Jukes
patchy's Satin Smoothies JukeBoxes - real audio
Satin Smoothies

Sunrise Gospel Jukebox - real audio
Sunrise Gospel
Two Steppin Tunes Jukebox Saloon - real audio
Two Steppin Tunes
Saloon Jukes


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this web site has been a challenge, so much to learn, learning as i go, self teaching.  so much to share,  so little time.
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